Buenos Aires offers the best tango dancing in the world. Come join us for a week of tango immersion to take your tango to the next level!
    This is what is included  in the package
    1. 9 nights at an amazing estate or bread and breakfast  in the historic San Telmo  neighborhood, with a wonderful selection of restaurants just walking distance. Breakfast is included. (Lodging location might change for similar)
    2. 5 days of intensive 1.5  hour workshops with teachers from world famous Estudio Dinzel ON SITE. Or at their studio.
    3.  5 Salidas to Milongas some of them with live music and dance performances.
    4. Assistance with translations and moving through the city.
    5.  First class  Tango show + dinner
                                                                                                                                  6. A day at the countryside (Estancia) BBQ and Gaucho show. Transportation NOT included. (Around $30 per person) Option to go to Colonia Uruguay just across the Rio de La Plata.

Buenos Aires is an amazing city full of life, colors, sounds, the porteños are famous for their hospitality and friendship.

Become immersed in a new culture,enjoy dancing in the mecca of tango, learn from great teachers trained in one of the most famous tango studios in the world.
Tango Studio on-site

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  1. Al says:

    I’m interested, what is your vaccination policy to attend?


    1. Al, at this moment they are not asking for vaccination to go to Buenos Aires. You may need to buy Covid insurance to cover you while you are there.


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