The organizer

Silvia Askenazi
Instructor and founder
of Tango San Pedro was
born in Buenos Aires,
Argentina, and moved to
Los Angeles in 2001.
She started dancing
Tango in 2004, learning
from many of the local
teachers and milongueros,
and from visiting teachers
and Maestros from

In 2005 she was invited to perform in a
show in Venice, California, and
decided that she wanted to dedicate more time to the
dance and become more than a tango afficionado. She
then started to train and perform regularly in many
Los Angeles venues.
In 2009 she  opened  her own Tango studio where she
teaches group and private classes and organizes
Milongas and Practicas where the Tango community
enjoy and share their passion for this beautiful social dance.
She travels to Buenos Aires every year to explore and
improve her skills as a dancer and a teacher, training
mostly at Estudio Dinzel. Her focus when teaching
Tango is on improvisation and creativity.
Silvia dreams with a world in which everybody is a
Tango dancer.